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Annapurneshwari [Parvathi] - Men have belittled women’s work for eons!

Goddess Parvathi giving alms to husband Shiva.

Annapurneshwari name: ‘Anna’ means food, ‘purna’ means completely filled and Eashwari refers to her being the wife of Eashwara [Shiva].

Goddess Parvathi takes care of materialistic aspects, including food, in this world. One day her husband Shiva said to her that everything materialistic was just an illusion, ‘maya’. The infuriated Parvathi disappeared to show the world that without her there would be no food on earth. There was drought and famine.

The Gods and people prayed for food. Parvathi established a food distribution center. Then her husband Shiva went to her with a begging bowl and begged her for food!

Men have belittled women’s work for eons!